The trick to sculpting your arms

Hey guys! One of my biggest question I get asked daily in regards to fitness is "How do I sculpt my arms...and lift my butt?" It's really not that hard, ok maybe it is when you're actually working out and feel that intense burn... but it feels sooo good when you're done! 

I believe in concentric holds. This is where you hold your muscles in a contraction for a little bit longer than normal and then keep that contraction as you release from that hold.

For example, a bicep curl. When you curl, squeeze your bicep muscle as tight as you can and hold for an extra couple seconds. As you begin to lower your arms once again, keep that contraction until your arms reach its starting position.

You can also apply this to a push up or as i'm doing in the photo, a tricep push. 

This is going to not only speed up the  process in sculpting your arms but also help LENGTHEN them.