Leaning away

There's so much that goes on on a day to day basis, so many different energies that we make contact with. Some that make us feel really good while others can make us sad and completely throw our day off. With more and more people feeling the effects of others unhappiness it's important to remember it's not about us and to let it go. Easier said than done. I know. I try my best, being that I am more of a sensitive person it's easy for me to feel saddened when someone else throws their negative energy my way. I listened to a podcast recently on oprahs super soul sunday with michael singer, an author who wrote a new york times best seller "the untethered soul". in this podcast, He explains we have two options when a conflict occurs, we're either going to lean into it or you're going to, or as he says it, you have the right to walk away from it. I just love this thought of "you have the right" its so powerful and so simple. the untethered soul is such a beautiful way to view ourselves and an important reminder of how to detach ourselves from the negativity that will come our way. 

will you lean into it or away from it??


 Singer's kind and soothing voice made it sound so simple to do. I tried it, when someone was unkind, I acknowledged how it made me feel and then I threw it away. Little by little it became easier and easier to do. Like a bounce board of positive light that could't be affected by negative energy. I became unattached to the behaviors of others and it was easier to stay grounded in my own positivity. It definitely takes reminding, but one that is so worth it.