Delivery bag essentials

The big day is almost here! We get to meet our baby girl and i'm feeling excited, emotional and a little anxious. It's a good thing my scheduled  C- Section is set for 7am and we have to be there at 5am, because if it's anything like my first pregnancy I could hardly sleep i was so over the moon, let's just say I didn't need an alarm clock to wake me up! I just received my final items via amazon and have finally packed my hospital bag. I've included all the basics like my skin care products and toiletries but have added a few things that I think will make this precious day as comfortable for me as possible... 

1.) Crystals. I packed 3 crystals, Amethyst, Rose quartz and Citrine and here's why:

Amethyst: has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing.

Rose Quartz: Is the stone of love and helps cultivate unconditional love.

Citrine: Brings enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity.

2.) A pretty robe to help me feel comfortable, at home and easy to breastfeed and bond with my baby.

3.) True Botanicals Hydrating face toner/mist. It's a delight to spray on your face any time of day.

4.) Laura Mercier silk foundation. It's light and  really easy to put on and gives my skin an extra boost of glow.

5.) Motherlove nipple balm. Let's face it, breastfeeding hurts and it deserves all the love it can get.

6.) Eye mask so I can try get some shut eye!

7.) Pink Stork lactation tea. I'm really excited about this one, I've heard amazing things about milk production.

8.) Fluffy slippers. It's important to walk around after a C- Section and I can't just lay in bed for a long period of time, so some nice soft slippers will do the trick.

9.) Grandma panties (insert sad face here) As embarrassing as it is to talk about it's absolutely necessary. I bought special ones made especially for after birth.

10.) Breast ice packs. Because, engorgement.

11.) Super cute, heart shaped, boob leak protection pads. Because when the milk starts to flow, little accidents can happen. And having a pretty heart shaped pad under your bra makes you feel a little better.

12.) Baby's coming home outfit. I'm really indecisive but i've narrowed it down to two adorable outfits. Both warm since it will be snowing that weekend. I'll share pics soon!

13.) Swaddle+blanket. To keep this new bundle of love warm and happy.